Butterfly Leads Otters on a Merry Chase

A family of otters chase a butterfly. (Photo: lifepastthisfence/YouTube)

Days at the zoo can end up feeling repetitive. You get fed, you lounge around, you play a little bit, you mug for the tourists, you go to sleep. Rinse and repeat. So when something interesting and new happens, it's important to jump into the center of the action.

In the case of this family of otters, no one wanted to miss out when a butterfly floated into the otter enclosure. This family moves with surprising synchronicity as the butterfly leads them on a fun chase. Rocks? No problem! Logs? Please. A few of the otters make grasping hops for the butterfly, but as agile as the otters are on the land, the butterfly is has the upper hand in the air.

Whether they caught the butterfly or not, we imagine these otters are still talking about the butterfly's visit, in between the beats of the mundane zoo routine.