Watch as Man Rescues a Rabbit From a Wildfire

The Thomas Fire in southern California has burned through at least 90,000 acres, but it hasn't done anything to sway human decency.

As the fires raged along Highway 1 in Ventura County, a rabbit darted across the lanes of traffic and into the burning brush. A man who saw it happen decided he had to help.

With smoke and flames all around, the man attempts to find the rabbit, but the search is a difficult one. The man jumps up and down and grabs his head in frustration that he can't find the rabbit. Finally, shouting with outstretched hands and wading into the brush, the man seems to convince the rabbit to move, but perhaps a bit too quickly. The man perseveres, however, and is able to scoop up the rabbit. The man clutches the bunny close to him as the video ends.

This wasn't the first animal rescue during these wildfires, and it probably won't be the last. Earlier this week, humans rallied to save a horse that fell into a crevice while attempting to escape the fires. Thanks to their efforts, the horse is expected to make a full recovery.