Watch This Man Build a Log Cabin From Scratch

Plenty of people talk about getting away from it all and roughing it, but very few actually do it, let alone build their own log cabin.

Shawn James, however, is really embracing an outdoor life. He has, according to his website, "opted out of commercial society," including building a small log cabin near Ontario's Algonquin Park. The video above shows the cabin's construction, from the first fir log James fell himself to the final pine plank in the finished cabin. It measures about 10 feet by 20 feet with a 100 square-foot sleeping loft.

The process, as James describes it in the video's description, was "a seemingly endless number of woodworking projects," from the roof to the porch to the outhouse. And it must have seemed like it. The cabin is completely off the grid, and James didn't use any power tools during the onsite construction. The roof, with its distinct black color, uses wood treated with fire to make it waterproof. The Japanese process, called shou sugi ban, results in that dark and rustic quality.

Even after the cabin's completion, James isn't hooking it up to renewable sources of energy, relying instead on a "woodstove fireplace" for heating and cooking. It'll be just him and his dog, enjoying the wilderness and a cozy fire.