Watch Kangaroos Frolic in the Snow in Australia

Kangaroos hopping across a large snowy field in Australia may not be the first image that comes to mind when you think about these large marsupials.

But that makes it all the more exciting to see a whole mob of these magnificent animals bouncing amidst the flurries.

The video above was taken by Stephen Grenfell and posted on Twitter. It quickly took off as the clip became a viral sensation.

The video was taken in New South Wales in early August. Other photos and videos began to surface of kangaroos on snowy golf courses and other places in the outback.

Most people don't realize that Australia can sometimes turn into a winter wonderland — never mind one with kangaroos frolicking in it.

Meteorologist say this is one of the coldest winters in Australia in recent years, causing many road closures and flight delays.

Luckily, kangaroos can adapt to such chilly weather without skipping a beat, as long as they've had time to grow a good winter coat.