Watch the First Amazon Drone Delivery in the U.S.

Video screen capture. YouTube

Three years ago when Amazon announced that it would be launching a drone delivery service in just a few years' time, the reaction was largely one of disbelief and mocking. There are undoubtedly still huge hurdles for this delivery system but Amazon has proven that, like it or not, they're making this service a reality.

Last year, the UK became the first trial location for testing the technology thanks to its more relaxed regulations for commercial drone flights and now, the first Prime Air delivery has taken place in the U.S.

During the MARS 2017 conference last week, the drone delivered a box filled with sunscreen to a lawn where attendees were gathered. You can see the delivery below.

The Prime Air service plans to deliver packages weighing 5 pounds or less to customers within 30 minutes of their order being placed. The drones will fly under 400 feet and will have onboard sense and avoid technology that lets them maneuver around obstacles to your home or business. They will be able to fly up to 10 miles away from the delivery hub.

The U.S. still has stricter regulations for commercial drones that will have to evolve before Amazon can fully take off with this service here, but the flag has been planted and the company has shown the tech is ready. Will you use the Prime Air service when it becomes available?