Watch an Adorable Polar Bear Cub Grow Up on Live Webcam

Polar bear cub photo.
CC BY 2.0. tableatny

tableatny/CC BY 2.0

In case you weren't aware, today is International Polar Bear Day -- and to celebrate, Dutch conservationists have christened one adorable cub to be the species' next rising star. Since being born last November at Denmark's Scandinavian Wildlife Park, a young polar bear named Siku has amassed quite a following. But now, thanks to a newly launched webcam installed in his playground, animal lovers the world over can watch the charming cub grow up online.

The unprecedentedly intimate peak into a polar bear's upbringing, part of a project called 'Siku Cam', was made possible by a collaboration between his keepers at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Polar Bears International, and the website Its creators hope to capitalize on Siku's charm as a way of raising public awareness of the plight facing Arctic species from climate change.

In other words, the conservationists want the adorable young cub to serve as a heartwarming ambassador to his imperiled species.

“We’re launching the Siku Cam on International Polar Bear Day, which is a day of action on climate change,” says Robert Buchanan, president of Polar Bears International, via Mother Nature Network. “Our goal with the Siku Cam is for people to fall in love with this little cub and become inspired to reduce their carbon footprint to help save arctic sea ice.”

Starting today, Siku Cam will broadcast daily from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET.