You will never have to walk again with the Modobag

Riding the Modabag
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The “last mile problem” has paralyzed transportation planners for decades. What can they possibly do to get people from the bus or subway to their front door? How do we solve the intractable problem of getting people from their car to the restaurant in the mall or the gate in the airport?

How do we finally end the scourge of walking that has tortured humans since they climbed out of the trees?

Modobag© Modobag
Behold the answer to this problem, the Modobag, just launched on Indiegogo. It’s a carry-on sized suitcase that is also an electric vehicle that will carry a 180 pound commuter up to six miles on a charge at up to eight miles per hour. (It can carry a 260 pound passenger). At under a thousand bucks, that's cheaper than most electric bikes. Short ad:

“We created Modobag to revolutionize the way people travel and introduce one of the biggest updates to carry-on luggage since rolling suitcases were launched in the 1970’s,” said O'Donnell, CEO of Modobag. “With Modobag’s user-friendly, rideable carry-on, anyone from professionals to college students can eliminate their daily stress of commuting by getting to their destination faster, keeping their electronics charged and having fun while they do it.”

It is actually quite a clever design, retaining over 80 percent of the volume of the bag. It has pouches for your laptop and can charge it while you ride; the battery packs are designed to be legal for flying, GPS tracking, and weighs a surprisingly light 19 pounds. Here is the longer history:

Made in the USA, Modobag has a maintenance free, belt-driven Torque 200 Watt Electric motor and is powered by UL Lithium batteries that last for 6 miles or 10 full phone charges based on a 180lb commuter. The connected carry-on includes a Lithium Smart Charger that can utilize household outlets for up to 3-hours to fully charge the suitcase and contains a Digital Battery Capacity Gauge that enables riders to keep an eye on battery life.

student on modobag© Student on Modobag

They designed it for travel, but that is far too limited a scope for such a wonder. It’s like a motorized shopping cart or book bag. Why carry a briefcase when you can fill this with your stuff and your lunch and just ride to work or school? You might never have to walk again!

For decades, planners and engineers have been striving to eliminate walking. It even could be government policy, inherent in the Republican Party platform goal of eliminating sidewalks. Thanks to the Modobag, their work is done.

You will never have to walk again with the Modobag
This new invention solves the "last mile problem" ends the scourge of walking forever.

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