In the wake of child murders, New Yorkers March For Safe Streets

taking back the streets
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The Stop de Kindermoord movement is coming to North America.

Last week we described how Dutch citizens took back the streets from cars in the 1970s after 400 children were killed by drivers. More recently, the number had dropped to 14. After two children were killed in New York City and one in Toronto, I suggested that Vision Zero has become a meaningless response to continuing tragedy; we have to learn from the Dutch.

As a tool for selling safety, Vision Zero no longer has any emotional resonance, because it no longer has any real meaning in North America. “Stop murdering our kids” does.

And it appears that this is happening; Clarence of Streetfilms writes:

In Park Slope, Transportation Alternatives (and many co-sponsoring community partners) brought out over 1,000 voices to attend NYC's March for Safe Streets, a protest based in part upon the Dutch's 1970s "Stop de Kindermoord" movement or in English "Stop Child Murder".

One Thousand Attend NYC's March for Safe Streets from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

He made a video of the march that took place earlier this week and it is incredibly moving, to see that citizens are fed up and are taking action, and it appears that some politicians are actually listening. This is going to be the start of something big.

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