Should you dress your kid up in safety vests before they go trick-or-treating?

kids in vests
Public Domain Maryland State Highway Administration

In Maryland, the State Highway Authority is generously lending "reflective vests to children, and their chaperones, as part of its annual “Vests for Visibility” Program. Designed to be worn over clothing, the reflective vests help increase the visibility of pedestrians."

Now if I was a kid, and had spent a lot of time working on my Frozen costume, I would be pretty upset if someone told me I had to put a reflective vest over it, just as my daughter refused to put a coat on when it was freezing or my son the Borg didn't want to cover up all the circuit boards I had glued on him. I agree with Brooklyn Spoke:

It's all an interesting discussion that started with bike activist Aaron Naparstek.

The Maryland State Highway Admin actually responded to this:

which started the activist pile-on.

pediestran deathsvia Aaron Naparstek/Public Domain

Maryland does actually have some good suggestions for both drivers and trick-or-treaters. And it is, for kids, the most dangerous night of the year. But surely drivers should know this. Surely there should be one night of the year when kids can go out and be kids instead of traffic cones. Couldn't we just for three hours a year, play in the streets without cars? Visit our neighbors without fearing for our lives?

I suppose that is too much to ask. What do you think?

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