Another way to get around New York City: on a snowboard

 Candice Pool and Casey Neistat at The Shorty Awards
CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Scott Beale/Flickr

Few people are better at drawing attention to themselves as filmmaker Casey Neistat; TreeHuggers have watched him steal his own bike, loudly and obviously in the middle of the day, ride his bike in the bike lane and smash into cars, and try out a Citibike.

Now he has had himself filmed while being towed behind a jeep on his snowboard through New York City during the blizzard this weekend. I do not know how he did this legally, given that private cars were banned from the streets, or safely, given that he appears to be going really fast and it takes some distance to stop, even in a jeep with snow tires, but he seems to have survived the day without getting injured or arrested.

We are always big fans of taking back the streets, of alternate modes of transportation, and a fun day on a snowboard. The jeep sort of ruins this one for me, but a video of cross-country skiers would not have been as much fun.

You can also watch a longer and more boring video about how he did this, from the jeep's point of view.

Another way to get around New York City: on a snowboard
Casey Neistat is at it again; why are we not surprised.

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