Wake Up to Mythologie's Divine Facial Oils

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These pure and powerful oils will regenerate, hydrate, and add a beautiful glow to your skin.

My latest beauty obsession is facial oils. These intensely scented oils come in small vials with a dropper and are rubbed into clean skin first thing in the morning, where they brighten the face and energize the spirit with their aromas. After several months of using facial oils every day, I don't feel like I've fully woken up until I've applied a few drops.

One company that's particularly wonderful is Mythologie. Based in Brooklyn, where the oils are handcrafted, it was founded by Tracy Atkinson who suffered from severe eczema. She was given the choice between going on steroids to resolve the problem or adopting a holistic natural approach to begin the healing process. She opted for the latter, and Mythologie is the result of her past twenty years of research into therapeutic-grade botanical oils and herbal extracts.

The name comes from Atkinson's interest in the mythology behind scents, and the important roles they've played throughout history. As someone who studied history in university, I find this fascinating. Each oil references its "lineage" and puts it into an historical context:

"This offers a deeper understanding of how the oil has been used over the centuries, for both beauty and wellness, what culture it is associated with and the traditions from which it originates.
"These include sea buckthorn oil, with origins in ancient Greece and the Himalayas, to Neroli (orange blossom) Oil used by the ancient priests and priestesses of Egypt, to the African botanical treasure, marula oil, often called 'miracle oil'."

Mythologie makes and sells only three oils, but it does those three perfectly. All are non-toxic, free from fillers, synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, mineral oils and petroleum. The oils are not tested on animals.

1) 'Silk' is an anti-aging facial oil with pomegranate and rose:

"From rich elegant pomegranate oil, with its exceptional omega 5 for increasing elasticity to precious Bulgarian rose oil for its ability to deeply moisturize and promote peace-of-mind, this luxurious treatment oil truly embodies the healing power of nature."

2) 'Radiance' is an ultra-toning facial oil with passion fruit and neroli:

"A perfect balance of omegas 3, 6 and 9 and the rare omega 7 this antioxidant rich treatment oil absorbs easily and delivers nutrients deep into your skin. Packed with vitamin C, Radiance boosts collagen production, clears sun spots and reverses signs of aging, giving your skin a luminous glow."

3) 'Halcyon' offers rejuvenation with apricot and geranium rose:

"Widely considered a tonic for the mind, Geranium Rose oil is both stimulating and grounding. This soothing and balancing elixir repairs sun damage, protects from environmental stress and softens the appearance of fine lines, while restoring moisture to the deeper layers of the skin."

3 Mythologie oils

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Now that I've been using these oils for a few months, I find that they moisturize to some extent, but do not replace the layer of grapeseed or sweet almond oil that I apply before going to sleep. But nothing compares to them in the morning, when they add a glow and a fresh aroma that replaces the need for perfume.

Mythologie recommends placing 4-10 drops in the palm of the hand and then rubbing onto the face. I prefer to apply 5-6 drops directly onto my face and then work in with my fingertips.

Mythologie sells its oils in two sizes -- a 15 mL bottle for $39 and a travel-sized 5 mL vial for $17.