9 Wacky Jack-O'-Lanterns

A row of three jack-o-lanterns

Eden, Janine, and Jim / Flickr

In the flurry to get a great Halloween costume, don't neglect your pumpkin! A porch full of trick-or-treaters on Halloween isn't complete without one.

Of course, if you wish to make a huge impression on your trick-or-treaters, why not take your pumpkin carving skills a step further with these eccentric and fun ideas?

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H1N1 pumpkin


If you thought the H1N1 pandemic was just a one-time ordeal, think again. According to researchers, the virus may be mutating into a new form, which is already beginning to predominate in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

On the upside, now you have the perfect way to scare your neighbors: Carve a pumpkin in honor of this unsettling news.

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With two video iPods as eyes and a pulsing brain, this robo-lantern makes a bold, multimedia impression.

To see this high-tech pumpkin in action, check out this video.

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Drunk pumpkin

Seth W./Flickr.

A guaranteed crowd favorite, this vomiting pumpkin is as easy to pull off as your average pumpkin, just slightly messier. Also, if you've ever felt bad about trashing the pumpkin guts, this will at least provide some recycled entertainment.

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Subliminating pumpkin

Mike Bowler/Flickr.

Who ever said it was mandatory to put a light in your jack-o'-lantern? Try something different this year and replace the ordinary candle with some dry ice to make your pumpkin the spookiest on the block.

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Ronald McPumpkin


This elaborate pumpkin display mimicking a certain fast-food chain isn't exactly scary (though it might be to food-conscious parents), but it is creative.

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Cannibalistic pumpkin


This cannibalistic pumpkin is sure to get your trick-or-treaters (and their parents) laughing. It's easy to get creative with what the pumpkin is cannibalizing, too. Pumpkin seeds, pumpkin puree and mini pumpkin pies are great ways to get your point across.

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'Star Wars' pumpkins


These super-realistic and detailed sith-o'-lanterns (or jedi-lanterns, whichever you prefer) are sure to be a hit for any geek in the neighborhood. From storm troopers to Chewbacca, there are an endless number of characters to carve.

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Cigar-smoking pumpkin


Although probably not the most health-positive pumpkin for a family-friendly neighborhood, this humorous pumpkin was devised and constructed by students for a pumpkin-carving contest at the Vancouver Film School.

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Okay, so this technically isn't a jack-o'-lantern, much less a real pumpkin, but this lego version of everyone's favorite orange gourd is the perfect solution for those who don't like getting their hands dirty with pumpkin guts. It won't rot, either!