Vivienne Westwood Wants Britain to Switch to Renewable Energy

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It's an easy online request that could deliver a fatal blow to fossil fuel companies that are subsidized by the UK government.

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is an outspoken environmentalist who has long used her fame and runway exposure to push climate change into the public eye. Now Westwood has another clear message. She wants residents of Britain to switch to renewable energy, in a nationwide effort to deliver a “fatal blow” to fossil fuel companies, “most of whom are anti-environment and anti-life.”

To her credit, Westwood walks the talk. Business Green reports that she has transitioned “the majority of her fashion premises within the UK to operate on green electricity and gas after partnering with Ecotricity, and plans to be entirely supplied by the renewable energy provider by 2018.”

Westwood’s dream is to see 50 percent of Britain powered by renewables as quickly as possible. According to Ecotricity’s founder, Dale Vince:

“It's not as madly ambitious as it sounds, because last year 25 percent of our electricity came from green energy, so it can be done and we are right behind this goal.”

Making the switch is easy to do. Britons place a request online and Ecotricity does the rest. The green energy company, after which Westwood has named her Winter 2017/18 show, uses a unique model called “Bills into Mills,” which means that it uses customers’ electricity bills as funding for further green energy development. It is a not-for-dividend company, with all profits going back into its mission to further renewables.

Furthermore, if Britons quote “Vivienne Westwood” when making the switch, Ecotricity will donate up to £60 to Fuel Poverty Action, a group working to ensure that the elderly, poor, and disabled do not suffer from cold during winter.

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Making this switch, particularly in large numbers, will send a powerful message to the government that the people want an alternate model, not one that subsidizes fossil fuel companies to the tune of £1,000 per household per year, using taxpayers’ money. A vote for clean energy is a “clear political and moral act.” As Westwood writes:

‘‘The only way to save our lives and future is to switch to green energy. We must all demand a fast transition to clean energy. We require a Green Economy for human life to flourish and remain sustainable.”

Watch Vivienne Westwood's 10-minute interview with Dale Vince of Ecotricity: