Woman Designs Stunning Modern 140 Sq. Ft. Californian Tiny Home (Video)

It's no secret we love the modernist aesthetic here on TreeHugger, and it certainly applies to tiny houses. We came across this 140-square-foot gem, designed by Ojai, California designer Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design. Lustado gave Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey a tour of her home, giving plenty of helpful design tips along the way. Check it out.

Lustado's 8.5-foot by 20-foot home feels spacious and filled with natural light, thanks to the strategically placed windows over her lovely built-in drafting desk (which occupies an 18-inch bumpout), kitchen, bathroom and loft. Her custom-made sofa can become a guest bed, and is paired with some hand-built transformer furniture. Lustado made sure to work with local tradespeople and artists and her friends in the construction of her home.

The glazed, French patio doors in her central living space open out onto an 80-square-foot deck, allowing her to open up the living room to the outdoors -- great for larger parties.

The kitchen is generously sized (Lustado says it's the biggest one she's ever had), and there's clever hidden storage at foot-level too. Though she's on solar, Lustado uses a propane stove to heat the space due to electricity constraints. The stove and its flue were the most expensive item in the tiny house, totalling $3,000. For the whole project, materials and labour cost USD $40,000.

The bathroom features a tiled shower, made with flexible grout, which Lustado says has not cracked during towing. Shower greywater is piped out to feed her grapefruit tree. The composting toilet is a simple, Seperatt bucket system, and is hidden under a hinged surface that gives extra seating.

Up in the sleeping loft, Lustado explains that she sloped the roof at 40 degrees, rather than 45 degrees, to give an extra 12 inches of height to the top plate. This also gives the loft more space at the sides. The loft also has the next most expensive item: the operable skylight window, which is manufactured to rotate in two different ways.

Lustado's tiny home is well-thought out and is packed with elegant, functional details that refine upon common tiny house design strategies, as well as presenting some fresh, new ideas. Lustado gives tours, and you can also purchase a set of construction drawings of her house here. See more of Vina Lustado's work over at Sol Haus Design.