6 Videos of Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Food

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Image of small grey hamster in dolls house room, sitting lounge sofa eating at coffee table, cute silver grey Syrian hamster with wooden miniature dollhouse furniture, Victorian fireplace, grand piano, mouse eats sunflower seeds, toy china plates, cakes
mtreasure / Getty Images

In which we pull the blanket over our heads, if only ever so briefly, and watch videos of hamsters eating miniature things. File under: Cute pets; tiny homes; distraction by any means possible.

Tiny hamster eating tiny burritos!

Tiny hamster eating a tiny pizza!

Tiny hamsters eating a tiny Thanksgiving dinner!

Tiny hamster eating things in a tiny mansion!

Tiny hamster eating tiny fast food!

Tiny hamster eating sushi in a tiny Japanese cafe!

OK, now back to our regular scheduled programming.