6 Videos of Tree-Climbing Dogs

Cats may be known for climbing high into the treetops, but man's best friend can sometimes be found there too.

Photo: kassie406/YouTube.

A missing Iowa border collie recently turned up in an unlikely place: up a neighbor's tree.

Laddy was rescued from the 10-foot perch and returned to his owner, who said that Laddy loves to chase squirrels and likely chased one up the tree.

The idea of a tree-climbing dog might seem odd, but such dogs aren't that uncommon. Some breeds are more known for their climbing skills than others, but it often comes down to the dog's personality — and what else is up that tree.

Check out these videos to see some courageous tree-climbing canines in action.

Border Collie

There are numerous YouTube videos of border collies like Laddy climbing trees to retrieve Frisbees or just for the joy of exploring the treetops. In this video, a border collie named Kassie repeatedly climbs up and down a large tree and seems to be having a great deal of fun.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

The treeing walker coonhound was bred for tracking and treeing wild raccoons. It was developed from English and American foxhounds and is known for jumping and climbing into trees in pursuit of its target.

New Guinea Singing Dog

Native to the forests of New Guinea and related to the dingo, this dog is the rarest in the world. It's only been photographed twice in the wild, and only about 200 of the animals exist in captivity. New Guinea singing dogs are known for their distinctive howls, which are reported to sound like a chorus of singers. Because they have a flexible spine, they're able to easily climb trees to hunt.

English Setter

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An English setter named Kodi, who goes by the nickname "Kodi the Wonder Dog," often climbs the 40-foot spruce trees in the backyard of her Washington home. Her owner says she smells birds in the branches, climbs up after them and points to the birds as if she was on a hunting expedition.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula leopard dogs are known for their ability to climb trees and fences, which has earned them the nickname "cat dogs."

Belgian Malinois

Stories of Belgian Malinois or Belgian shepherd dogs climbing trees have been reported worldwide. In 2011, one in China even made headlines for its ability to jump and climb more than 6 feet high.

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