5 Videos of Cats That Love Water

Believe it or not, some cats enjoy going for a swim now and then. Kyoungil Jeon/iStockphoto

It's not often you find a cat that wants to take a warm bath or go for a swim in the lake, but we've got five adorable kitties who do just that. Generally speaking, there’s no reason to bathe a cat unless it has fleas or a skin condition. Or, unless they are in-out pets who like the occassional nice roll in the dirt. Cats spend a large percentage of the day grooming themselves, using their rough tongues to remove dirt and debris from their fur and keep it clean.

Going for a dip

Turkish Van cats, such as Merlin, are known for their unusual love of water. In fact, the breed is nicknamed the “Swimming Cat.” The Turkish Van cat’s fur has a silky texture that’s naturally water-repellant, allowing the cat to emerge from the water relatively dry.

Fun with the faucet

This kitty enjoys drinking from the kitchen sink — and sitting under the stream of water. Cats’ attraction to running water may reflect an adaptive behavior from their wild past. Moving water tends to have fewer contaminants, and many wild animals prefer to drink from streams rather than ponds.

Bath time isn't so bad

Your cat may not enjoy playing in a bathtub full of water like this frisky feline, but if your furry friend is putting paws in the water bowl or splashing water on the floor, Dr. Arnold Plotnick suggests getting your cat a water foutain in which the water runs continually. Because cats like running water, your pet may simply be making the water move herself.

Hydrotherapy for cats

In 2010, Mog, a gray tabby cat in Cornwall, England, was hit by car and suffered nerve damage that left his two front legs paralyzed. Veterinarians told Mog’s owner, Veronica Ashworth, that her cat would never walk again, but she signed Mog up for rehab at a canine hydrotherapy facility anyway. After almost three months of doggie paddling in the pool, Mog was finally able to put weight on his two front legs, and now he’s slowly learning to walk again.

Relaxing in the shower

Max-Arthur, the Roomba-riding cat of YouTube fame, enjoys a good soak in the bath from time to time.