Watch the U.S. Coast Guard Rescue People Trapped by Hurricane Florence Flooding

North and South Carolina are still reeling from almost five days of record-breaking rainfall from Hurricane Florence.

The powerful storm may have weakened as it approached the coast, but it stalled as the eye of the hurricane reached shore, increasing the amount of rain dumped on the region. All that water meant more people needing help, and that's where these Coast Guard rescue teams come in.

In the video above, members of the U.S. Coast Guard scan a flooded area in a helicopter and begin rescue procedures.

This is just one of many videos the Coast Guard and other rescue organizations have posted on social media over the last 48 hours. While the first video gives you a good sense of the conditions rescuers dealt with, this video provides a more satisfying outcome.

State officials have reported 24 deaths connected to Hurricane Florence, according to CBS News. Air and rescue crews are still working and will continue to work throughout the week to help those stranded or in danger.

Residents of Wilmington, North Carolina, have suffered some of the worst damage, with the eye of Florence making landfall just miles away. The latest official update is that most of the city is still without power and flooding on roadways has cut off at least 119,000 residents.

Evacuation orders, storm surge warnings and tornado warnings were still in effect on Monday as harsh conditions continued near rivers, dams and major interstates.