TreeHugger Tips: Hacking a Composting Toilet

All the TreeHuggers have been asked to make a video tip for our new Video Tip project - readers are highly-encouraged to send in their eco-tips, as well. In our last phone meeting one said "now I will finally get to see what everyone looks like!" To which I thought, not if I can help it, I am going to shoot it really badly without lights so that I am completely backlit and almost impossible to see. Which is what I have done, in an explanation of how I dealt with the problem of too much toilet paper in my composting toilet, without making everyone go all Sheryl Crow.

UPDATE: Scott at Envirolet asked why I said it was flooded; he had not heard of that ever happening. Over the winter, the snow knocked over the top of the vent stack and the toilet filled with water through the roof and the vent stack. I did not find out until I went to empty the toilet as I do at the beginning of the season and it was quite a mess, but had nothing to do with the operation of the unit. If you have an eco-tip video to share, email video-tips AT treehugger DOT com and check out all of our Video Tips here.
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