TreeHugger Tips: Gary Vaynerchuk on Carpooling

Eco Tip: Gary Vaynerchuk from on Vimeo.

Earlier today I announced our Green Tips project. We're hoping to tap into the great ideas many of you have for saving energy and living a sustainable life and share those with the world.

Our first Green Tip comes from wine guru and author of 101 Wines Guaranteed to Inspire, Delight, and Bring Thunder to Your World, Gary Vaynerchuk.Vaynerchuk is the also the host of Wine Library TV, which was recently picked up by the Revision3 network where you can watch a shortened version called Wine Library Reserve.

In addition to his expertise on wine, Vaynerchuk is also considered a guru of social media and has grown a devoted online following through his blog and elsewhere online.

TreeHugger sat down with Gary in New York City to discuss how the wine industry can be more sustainable through packaging and organic farming, but Vaynerchuk's favorite "Eco Tip" was something simple, but impactful. (The full interview with Gary will be online later this week)

If you can't watch the video, here is what Gary Vaynerchuk does to be more environmentally-friendly.

"My favorite eco thing that I'm very passionate about is I'm very high on carpooling. Like I've always been really big on that. We encourage that at Wine Library very heavily. We actually sometimes hire based on location — like 'yeah, we can pick him up!'"

To see more video tips from TreeHugger or learn how to submit your own, see our Green Habits, Hacks, and How-To page.
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