TreeHugger Tip: Tomm Stanley With an Energy Saving Tip On Flooring

Tomm Stanley is the author of The Big Tree at George and Charlotte's House and Going Solar. He has provided us with some great green tips thus far and we are happy he has submitted another video for our TreeHugger Tips project. His tip helps with making the heating and cooling of your household more efficient. If you were unable to view the video above, read below for a simple tip on choosing the right colored flooring for the climate you live in.

Tomm says,

"Hi I'm Tomm Stanley author of "Going Solar" and I have a green tip about interior heating and cooling. Light colored floors reflect most of the sunlight that strike them. They don't retain much heat so they're good for use in warm climates. If you live in a cooler climate you might want to consider a darker floor that will retain some heat and help with the power bill!"

Thanks again Tomm for all of your wonderful tips!

For more on Tomm Stanley or his books visit Chelsea Green.

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