TreeHugger Tip: Tomm Stanley on Refrigerator Efficiency

Tomm Stanley is the author of The Big Tree at George and Charlotte's House and Going Solar and we are happy he has submitted yet another green tip for our TreeHugger Tips project. Tomm's tip helps your refrigerator maintain its normal operating temperature when opening and closing the door. Remember to reuse your plastic water and soda bottles! If you were unable to view the video above, read below for a simple tip to help save energy while using your refrigerator.

Tomm says,

"Hi I'm Tomm Stanley author of "Going Solar" and I'm here in my kitchen with a green tip. If your refrigerator is empty like this one is. Fill it with bottles of water or your favorite soda. The thermal mass in the fluids will retain the colds and help the refrigerator return to natural operating temperature once the door is shut. Saves a little bit of power!"

Thanks, Tomm!

For more on Tomm Stanley or his books visit Chelsea Green.

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