TreeHugger Tip: Missy Higgins on Green Transportation in LA

Eco Tip: Missy Higgins from on Vimeo.

Missy Higgins searches for the most environmentally-friendly form of transportation in car-happy Los Angeles. The singer-songwriter just moved from Australia and while she is getting used to the public transit system in LA we suggest using a bicycle to get around. If Missy does want to get a hybrid we can help with our How to Go Green guide on Hybrid Cars.
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“I’m trying to work out where I can get the friendliest form of transport in LA because I’ve just moved to LA and I’m trying to figure out how I can get around without getting a car so I’m trying to work out what kind of vehicle I can get which is the friendliest to the environment whether it be a hybrid or a small hatchback or whatever so I’m looking into that at the moment."

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