TreeHugger Tip: Max Gladwell on Using Ustream

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If you're trying to live an eco-friendly life, you probably know it can be helpful to hear from others that are doing the same. (That's probably why you're reading this on TreeHugger right now.) Sharing the tricks and tips to cutting your waste and making green choices is a must. It saves you the trouble of trial and error and helps you get green even faster. That's one of the reasons we started our TreeHugger Tips series - to allow readers to share their tips for going green.

As technology advances, it will only become more easier to share ones tips and connect with experts to learn even more. In a previous TreeHugger Video Tip , Max Gladwell showed us how to use the "green stream" on the social network site Twitter to share what it is you're doing that's green. If you're new to Twitter or don't know about the #greenstream, be sure to check that video out. In this new video, Rob from Max Gladwell demonstrates how one can use a webcam and internet connection to produce their own green talk show.

This isn't going to be for everyone, of course. Most people probably aren't wanting to jump in front of a camera and produce their own talk show, but I think the technology and the idea are great. Reaching out to people, listening and sharing information is an absolute necessity in order to spread the importance of living a sustainable life. So utilizing the newest forms of communication is an important task. It'll be great to see how UStream and other online video streams advance with regards to environmental sustainability.

For more on this, you can view the Max Gladwell channel on Ustream.

And if you have a tip for going green, please let us know. Send your video to and check out the TreeHugger Tips page for the rest of our videos.

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