TreeHugger Tip: Ludacris in the Bathroom

You might have heard of Ludacris from his upcoming show, Battle Ground Earth, on Planet Green" or maybe because he is a three-time Grammy Award-winning rapper. Either way, I am sure you haven't heard his latest green-tip. Ludacris jokes around with our very own Meaghan O'Neill at the launch of Planet Green and shares a tip to save water while using the most frequented room in the house; the bathroom!

"I'll give you one that everybody can use. Of course, using less time in the shower try and condense it down to five minutes and when you brush your teeth turn the water off yah know in between brushing your teeth you can save a lot of lives help conserve a lot of water take a group shower yah know shower with a friend help conserve yah know water."

While Ludacris' tip is very basic it is still important to remember that even the smallest water saved makes a large impact when more people incorporate this tip it into their daily lives. Also, if Ludacris is telling us to save some water his major fan base might listen to, what might be for them, a new idea!

Thanks, Ludacris!

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