TreeHugger Tip: Little Bits' Monica Rodgers on Teaching Children to Compost

Little Bits Founder and CEO Monica Rodgers shares a great tip on teaching children the value of composting and incorporating it into their weekly schedule! To teach and remind her children to do their "little bit" she has created a group of characters called the Earth Savers. In Monica'svideo tip, part of our TreeHugger Tips project, we see how her children are inspired by the characters Monica has created and that each of them have their own day to take out the composting!If you were unable to view the video above read on for the full text of Monica's tip on teaching your children about composting.

"Hi, I'm Monica Rodgers from LittleBits with my second green tip. What I've done here is I've actually created, with an old wedding gift, a compost bucket for my kids and I'm really trying to help them understand that whenever they're done with their banana or apple peels that everything goes in here and I've got Ernie here as our character to teach kids the value and importance of composting then what we do is once this bucket is full we take it out in the backyard and dump it and each kid has their own day to take out the compost so it's a great thing to get your kids doing and if you would like the group of eco-characters that I've created just email me through and I can get you your own set for your own home. Thanks so much."

Children are our future and by teaching them the value of the environment and the importance of preserving the world around them we are helping to ensure a positive future for the earth.
What are you doing to teach your kids about saving the environment?
Let us know with your comments or create your very own eco-tip!

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