TreeHugger Tip: Christine Lepisto on her Small Refrigerator and Bio Foods

As part of our ongoing TreeHugger Tips project our very own Christine Lepisto has provided us with a great eco-tip on her small refrigerator. Not only did she choose a size that works for her lifestyle but she also fills it with her favorite bio-foods; milk, cheese, eggs and yogurt!

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"Hi I'm Christine Lepisto and this is my eco-tip. This is my small refrigerator. You should have a refrigerator that is not larger than what you need. And stock it with good products. People often ask what's the best bio to buy. I recommend milk, cheese, eggs, yogurt. With these products you get a lot of value for your money, in the health benefits as well as the environmental benefits. And you should try to avoid meat, every so often...try a soy substitute!"

Thanks, Christine!

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