TreeHugger Tip: Ben Harper on Turning Off the Lights, Brushing your Teeth and Watering the Grass

Eco Tip: Ben Harper from on Vimeo.

In Ben Harper's TreeHugger Tip he poetically points to the fact that to make a difference on a global level it has to be made on the individual level. Harper suggests turning off water while brushing your teeth, not watering the grass every second of the day, and turning off the lights are easy and hardly inconvenient compromises. If you were unable to view the video, below is the quoted text from Harper.

"A thousand small compromises equals a sacrifice. So if everybody turned off the wasted light bulb. Turned off the water while they're brushing the teeth. Didn't water the grass as much. If everybody made that shift it would be massive, massive, massive yah know?"

Harper points out a few things that can be done daily to make a significant change both long term and globally. What else are you doing each day that has major impact? What is the easiest to change?
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