TreeHugger Tip: Alter Eco's Boise Thomas on Reducing the Population

Our very own Meaghan O'Neill, co-author of Ready, Set, Green, interviewes Boise Thomas on the "green" carpet at the launch of the Planet Green. Boise is building an eco-oasis with his wife in Kansas and hopes to educate people about the importance of sustainability.
While you might not agree with his tip on how to control the population he does raise the issue of the ever-growing population and how we might go about reducing it.

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"Alright, well I had a vasectomy, I think there’s too many people on the planet and I think the best way to reduce population is by reducing your ability to reproduce. That’s just my own personal thing. I’m not putting down childbirth but I think there’s 7 billion of us I think that’s enough."

Boise clearly took the issue of reducing population into his own hands in eliminating his reproduction capabilities!

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