TreeHugger How-To From Tomm Stanley on Gardening

We are happy to share this TreeHugger tip from Tomm Stanley as part of our TreeHugger Video Tips project.

Tomm is the author of The Big Tree at George and Charlotte's House. This book educates, while simultaneously entertaining, both children and adults in the importance of their surrounding environment. He focuses on the tree, it's roots, leaves, branches, as a source for this exploration. Tomm is also the author of Going Solar which is both a historical and modern discussion of solar energy. In a non-threatening way, Tomm informs the reader of the ways in which the sun is a vital tool in the present and future.If you were unable to view the video above, read below for a great tip on transplanting.

Tomm says,

"Hi I'm Tomm Stanley author of "The Big Tree at George and Charlotte's House" and I have a green tip about transplanting. As you can appreciate trees and plants don't move around very much but they do orient the surfaces of their leaves to the sun. When you transplant make sure the surface of the leaves are oriented towards the mid-day sun and you'll get a better strike rate."

Thanks Tomm!

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