Tommy Lee On Going Vegetarian

Tommy Lee's name is departing from being synonymous with Pam Anderson and the Mötley Crüe to his role in the Green movement. His most recent venture, co-hosting Planet Green's Battleground Earth with Ludacris is just one of the ways he is "going green."

Lee is becoming a Vegetarian and our very own, Meaghan O'Neill, interviews him on the green carpet, at the launch of Planet Green in L.A., gaining a bit of insight on the beginning stages of Lee's new diet. What Lee may or may not know is that cutting the meat could actually curb the affects of global warming.

Lee's tip is just one of our many TreeHugger Video Tips.If you were unable to view the video above, read below for the full interview with Lee on his new Vegetarian diet.

Tommy: "Well I recently turned Vegetarian and today this would be week number, week number three and a half."
Meaghan: "How are you feeling?"
Tommy:"It's awesome. It's awesome!"
Meaghan: "More energy less energy?"
Tommy: "Umm, I think I have more energy and the one thing that I do notice is that I don't feel as full all the time. And I like it, Yah know? And I'm normally like a really good cook. So I'm trying to learn now how to cook a Vegetarian supper. It's a-whole-nother ball game."

Thanks, Tommy!

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