How Do You Go Green? Share Your Video Tips with TreeHugger!

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If there's one thing the Internet is great for, it's pooling the collective wisdom of the masses. And if there's one thing we want to do at TreeHugger, it's bring all that insight together. Since being green means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and since there are myriad facets to living an eco-savvy lifestyle, we're asking readers to tell us how they do what they do.

Do you flush your toilets with rainwater runoff? Make your own biodiesel from fried turkey grease? Bring your own containers for takeout? Maybe you've just begun carrying a canvas bag or growing your own veggies. From the banal to the extreme, we want you to lay it on us, so we can share it with the world. (Okay, the blogosphere.) We'll be posting all the great tips for going green here.

We're looking for any and all your tips, but especially those that fit into one of the following categories:

Green Habits These are things you do regularly to reduce your impact on the environment, like composting, hypermiling, or getting your jeans tailored instead of buying new.

Green Hacks Have you tweaked your house, vehicle, appliances, or other possessions to increase sustainability? If you've created a rainwater garden, built a solar hot water collector, or tweaked your stereo setup sweetly, we want to hear from you.

Green How Tos Are you a natural at leading your friends down the path of eco-consciousness? Whether you're a crackerjack bicycle repairman, an eco-laundry expert, or an organic cooking fiend, channel your inner teacher, and bring those how-to tips to the head of the class.

Ready to get started?

Of course, lots of tips will fit into more than one category, so don't worry about that too much. This one from TreeHugger founder Graham Hill, in which he demonstrates how he modified a $2 meat hook to hang his folding bike in the closet could really fit in all three, since he is showing how to hack something that he now uses habitually, but I digress. Big or small, common or extreme, we want to hear how you are doing things to help make a difference.

Graham Hill demo'ing his $2 folding bike hanger.

Instructions for Sharing your Eco Tip:
Shoot a short and simple video (less than :60 seconds, if possible) and upload it to your preferred video hosting site - Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.

Title your video with Treehugger Green Tips: (and quick explanation of the tip). For example "Treehugger Green Tip: How-to Hang Your Folding Bike" would be a good one for Graham's video above.

Once your video is up and viewable,email a link to: video-tips AT treehugger DOT com and each week we'll post our favorite submissions. And if you're reading this later, we'll be posting all the great tips for going green here.

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