Drying for Freedom, a Film About Clotheslines

Who would have thought that some day someone would make a film about freedom, communities and clotheslines? A good topic though, considering that by 2010 more than 50 million home-owners in the US will be banned from line drying clothes outdoors for the sake of preserving property value and prudishness. Ontario already has a legislation that restricts the use of clotheslines for people who live in a freehold detached, semi-detached or row house. * A ban on using clotheslines does not only rob home-owners of their right, but also contributes to the environmental and energy crisis.We should reconsider if living electricly is still better for us, as we spend $5 billion every year drying clothes in the US. Since the dryer is responsible for 6% of the average household bill, drying clothed on a line is common sense, but not a right everyone has. Drying For Freedom follows the fight for the right to dry clothes naturally and reveals how drying clothes became a life threatening, environmental social catastrophe. The film is made by WL:DOCS, producers of documentary and factual programming. ::Drying for Freedom

* Correction from the writer: One of our readers informed us that the Province of Ontario ended the outdoor clothesline ban in April of 2008. See Ontario premier lifts outdoor-clothesline ban. Thanks Michael for the information!

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