Author Tomm Stanley With A Green Tip That Will Save You Water

Tomm Stanley is the author of The Big Tree at George and Charlotte's House. This book inspires both children and adults to appreciate the importance of their surrounding environment. Tomm is also the author of Going Solar which is both a historical and modern discussion of solar energy. Tomm has sent in another great video tip for our TreeHugger Tips project on an easy way to better irrigate your garden!

View Tomm's first video tip here. If you were unable to view the video above, read below for a simple tip on irrigating your plants.

Tomm says,

"Hi I'm Tomm Stanley author of "The Big Tree at George and Charlotte's House" and I have a green tip about irrigating plants. Drip irrigation as opposed to spray methods loses far less water to evaporation. Something simple like this, basically a hole and a hose, is good for your plants and can save you bucket loads of water."

Thanks Tomm!

For more on Tomm Stanley or his books visit Chelsea Green.

Also, stay tuned for more videos from Tomm and other readers at TreeHugger Eco-Tips

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