Author Lee Welles on Being Green By Inspiring Children

Lee Welles is the author of the award-winning Gaia Girls book series and was kind enough to send in a video tip for our TreeHugger Tips project.

If you missed my first post from yesterday inviting readers to send in their eco-tips or the first eco-tip we received, by wine guru, Gary Vaynerchuk , be sure to check both of those out.

We're hoping that you and all of our readers, will send in short video clips of yourselves sharing what you do to help the environment. So many people want to 'go green', it seems like we should all share what we know and have learned so that others won't have to reinvent the wheel. So what are you doing that is eco-friendly? You'll find instructions for sending in your own video and a list of all the tips we've received so far on the video tips page.
If you aren't able to view the video above, Lee's tip is certainly inspiring.

She says,

"I've spent a lot of time talking to kids about the earth and there's one thing I've noticed - they don't want to be scared. They want to be inspired. And sure us grownups know that the ice caps are melting, the seas are rising and forests are burning, but kids want to be inspired by the magic of nature. So if you want to get green, you've got to get dirty! Grab a kid and head outside because nature is never boring. If you want the next generation to care about the earth, first they've got to love it."

Great tip, Lee!

While I haven't read her books, I do know they have won some nice awards. Enter the Earth is the winner of the 2007 Independent Book Publishers Award and Way of Water is the 2008 Nautilus Book Awards Gold Winner. The books are written for young adults, but I'm told they appeal to all ages with their message of inspiring children to develop a sense of responsibility for protecting their environment, which I think is great. And I must say that if she wrote them with as much passion as she expresses in this video, then I think they will be an effective tool in ensuring more children grow up with a connection to their environment.

For more on Lee Welles or her Gaia Girls books visit Chelsea Green.

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