Video: Kangaroo Petting a Dog

Apparently, everyone with anything resembling human hands wants to pet dogs. In this video, a kangaroo ... pets a dog. The dog seems into it. There isn't much more to say, really, but I got a kick out of seeing it all go down. So sweet. Yep, absolutely nothing could ruin this video for me ...

"Each time I’ve seen this someone’s posted something about how the kangaroo is actually trying to strangle the dog, but is too young to do it properly," writes one commenter.

Oh no. No way.

"This is correct. Kangaroos are known to strangle or drown dogs," writes another. "There was that gif a while ago where a roo is choking out a guys dog so he runs over and punches the kangaroo in the face."

Ugh. Seriously? Can't I just have this?

There are about a billion other commenters who are pretty sure this is a show of friendship though. And as far as I know, about zero actual zoologists have weighed in. So believe what you want. I know which version I'm choosing.

Edit: An actual kangaroo carer emailed me! Here's what he had to say:

Just wanted to say I'm a kangaroo carer, I am currently bottle feeding a Joey several times a day, and I'm pretty sure it is petting that dog. They're really sweet creatures. One jumped down my wife's sweater the other day because it got a bit scared and saw it as her pouch. It then stuck it's head out the top to look around. They definitely do become friends with dogs while being hand raised. This is quite a problem though and as carers we are told we can't let that happen so that when they are released again they don't treat dogs as friends and end up getting killed by wild ones.