Video: Amory Lovins on Winning the Oil Endgame

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In a talk that rivals William McDonough's 2000 Bioneer talk (see the video here) in vision and pure tree-hugging goodness, Amory Lovins details how it is possible to massively reduce our oil consumption with current technology, at a profit, while creating new jobs, without paying higher energy prices, and without drastic new regulations. It's a long and detailed presentation (about an hour and a half), so make sure you have some free time and are comfortably seated before watching it. But please, do watch it and check out ::Winning the Oil Endgame (the book is available in full on the website). Thanks to MIT for making it available to the public: ::Video of Amory Lovins on Winning the Oil Endgame (if you need a Realplayer codec, try the freeware Real Alternative).