Veterans Preparing for Green Jobs

We need green jobs and veterans need jobs. (Photo: Sean Locke Photography/Shutterstock)

The Veterans Green Jobs organization is working to solve three different problems – creating a sustainable economy, dealing with the climate change issue and addressing the employment needs of veterans as they return from service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“Veterans Green Jobs provides exemplary green jobs education and career development opportunities for military veterans, empowering and supporting them to lead America’s transition to energy independence, ecological restoration, community renewal, and economic prosperity.” Source: Veterans Green Jobs Mission Statement

This education and training is managed through the Veterans Green Jobs Academy. Courses on the following topics will be scheduled this year: Energy Efficiency & Conservation, Biodiesel & Biofuel, Disaster Preparedness and Response, Green Building and Historic Building Renovation and Natural Resources Conservation.

In 2009, training will only be available in Colorado, Louisiana and Washington but the organization hopes to expand to more states in 2010. No exact dates have been set but interested parties can sign up to receive notification of the training schedule on the Veterans Green Jobs website.

Photo by clairity