The Velocker Helps You Embrace "Life by E-Bike"

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These lockable aluminum panniers might be the answer to my prayers.

There are many things that I love about my Gazelle e-bike, including the ability to carry more stuff than I ever wanted to on my old bike. I recently bought new panniers, but they are expensive; there is no way to lock them to the bike, so I take the bags with me whenever I go inside. I wished somebody would make a solid, lockable bag of some kind that I could leave on the e-bike.

And voilà! There is the Velocker from Ebike Cargo Products in San Diego. They read my mind:

We feel that the electric bicycle, in a variety of forms, will be the future of urban transportation. Optimizing the e-bike to securely carry goods and gear is the obvious path to affordable, efficient, green transportation for all. We are excited to offer people around the world a new, truly sustainable yet convenient transportation solution.
Velocker at bike show

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A pair of 15 inch Velockers costs $350, slightly less than twice the price of a pair of classic Ortlieb fabric panniers, but these are designed for a different purpose, as designer and builder Brian Hoffman notes about his own e-bike experience:

My bike came with some nifty little panniers that could hold a paper grocery bag full of stuff each. They were useful, and I still have them, but they could not handle heavier objects, and rips quickly developed around the corners and fastenings. I looked and looked in bike shops and online for heavy duty panniers or some other cargo solution that would suit my needs. They needed to be able to take abuse and last. What I found was an amazing selection of $200 nylon and rubber bags, that I would need to replace every 6 months, if they didn't get stolen first.

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That's when he came up with the idea for the Velocker. "I would build heavy duty, yet lightweight bike cargo boxes. They would be as large as possible while still being safe to ride with. They would be rattle free and easily removable. They would be lockable and secure, yet the lids would easily come off so I could ride around with my dogs in them."

Velocker closeup

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The Velocker is easy to install and remove, but you have to be able to unlock it and open it to get to the interior clamps. So as long as the dogs are removed and the removable lid is installed, they are secure. They also provide a bigger flat platform so that you can pile even more stuff on top.

Velocker at the post office

© Velocker at the post office

They are not all that light at 8.3 pounds for the big 20-inch-long one or 4 pounds for the Sport model, but on an e-bike it is probably not going to be that noticeable. And they let you do a whole lot more.

Velocker in the rain

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We believe that more people would embrace 'Life by Bike' if they could easily carry 'stuff' around by bicycle. For example, grocery shopping, running errands, and commuting with a lap top and gym bag are difficult by bicycle, until now.

I believe they might be right. More at the Velocker site.