Vegan Guide to Burger King: The Best Menu Options and Swaps

The burger giant takes important steps toward bringing in vegan customers.

burger king vegan

Treehugger / Photo Illustration by Catherine Song / Burger King

In order to differentiate itself from the other fast-food chains in its early days, Burger King touted flame broiling, which gave its burgers an edge in flavor and quality. That edge, a delicious smoky char associated with the backyard barbecue, played a role in many of its ad campaigns around the world.

Burger King stepped up its plant-based game in 2018 when it test-marketed and, in 2019, rolled out “The Impossible Whopper.” Vegans will be pleased to know an Impossible Burger isn't the only cruelty-free item on the menu. From breakfast to their beloved fries, check out all of Burger King's vegan options.

Our Top Picks

We love the Impossible Burger, but there are some caveats to getting it at Burger King to ensure you can truly have it "your way," as the old jingle goes.

The Impossible Burger

Vegan eaters need to be extra careful to request the “non-broiler cooking method” to ensure their “Impossible” meat-free patty is not cooked on the same grill as beef patties. Also, hold the mayo. Although vegans don’t have to hold the pickle or lettuce, some things may get a little lost in translation—that coveted smoky grill flavor, in particular.

The Impossible Burger Jr.

Even with a small compromise of going grill-less, “The Impossible Whopper” soon got a younger sibling, The Impossible Whopper Jr., dressed with ketchup, mustard, and pickles on a sesame seed bun for lighter appetites and kids growing up with a plant-based diet.

Vegan Breakfast

The breakfast menu has a good handful of satisfying and savory eats.

  • French Toast Sticks (Ask for no butter.)
  • Hash Browns
  • Oatmeal (Have it made with water instead of milk.)

Vegan Burgers

These additions have us hoping more plant-based BK eats will be on the horizon.

  • The Impossible Whopper
  • The Impossible Whopper Jr.

Vegan Sides

All of these are flavorful companions for the Impossible Whopper and Impossible Whopper Jr.

  • Classic Fries 
  • Side Garden Salad (Keep the balsamic vinaigrette, but hold the cheese and croutons.)
  • Mott's Apple Sauce

Treehugger Tip

Rev up your morning by pulling together a breakfast of orange juice, coffee, hash browns, and French toast sticks. Any other time of day, go for the classic (and excellent) fries, soda, and Impossible Whopper.

Vegan Drinks

Burger King has a surprisingly diverse assortment of beverages to complete your meal.

  • Coca-Cola (fountain or bottle)
  • Diet Coke (fountain or bottle)
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Sprite (fountain or bottle)
  • Hi-C Pink Lemonade
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch
  • Mello Yellow
  • Fanta Orange
  • Powerade Zero
  • Capri Sun
  • BK Cafe Coffee 
  • BK Cafe Decaf Coffee
  • Nestle Pure Life Water
  • Simply Orange Juice
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Burger King have vegan chicken nuggets?

    It will soon! On October 6, 2021, Burger King announced that it would be rolling out Impossible Chicken Nuggets to the menu. On October 11, the nuggets were released in select markets (Des Moines, Iowa, Boston, and Miami) with more to be announced soon.

  • Are Burger King's onion rings vegan?

    No. The onion rings' breading contains whey, a dairy-based additive, which makes them not vegan.

  • Does Burger King have vegan cheese?

    No, steer clear of creating an Impossible cheeseburger—Burger King does not have vegan cheese.