Vegan Guide to Blaze Pizza: The Best Menu Options and Swaps

Blaze Pizza is loaded with plant-based cheese, meat, and delicious toppings.

blaze pizza vegan

Treehugger / Photo Illustration by Catherine Song / Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza prioritizes high-quality ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and a great ordering experience. Coming to Blaze is a particular treat for vegans who have more options here than they do at other popular pizza chains. The hardest part at this fast-casual restaurant is deciding what not to include on your pizza. But we've got you covered.

Here, we detail everything you can order vegan at Blaze Pizza, including some of our favorite items.

Our Top Picks

These standards from the Blaze menu made the cut for their unique flavors and high quality.

Vegan Pizza

Blaze’s ready-to-order regular vegan pizza—officially introduced in 2019—is an obvious frontrunner. It’s built on its vegan "Classic" dough, dressed in red sauce and then piled generously with dairy-free cheese, spicy meat-free chorizo, mushrooms, red onions, green bell peppers, basil, and an olive oil drizzle. You can always tweak the ingredients to make this pizza your own.

Agua Fresca Drinks

While Blaze’s soft drink selection includes many tried-and-true Coca-Cola branded sodas and several varieties of Blue Sky sodas, it also offers its own Agua Fresca drinks in several refreshing and upscale flavors such as Blueberry Basil, Tangerine Passionfruit Agua Fresca, and Pear Cucumber. These further elevate Blaze’s innovations in fast-casual fare.

Vegan Pizzas

If you’re craving a high-quality, cafe-grade pizza, Blaze is the place to go. The menu even enthusiastically encourages vegan customers to “Build Your Own.”

  • Vegan Pizza
  • Red Vine Pizza (Substitute the mozzarella and Parmesan with Blaze’s vegan cheese blend and keep the cherry tomatoes, basil, red sauce, and olive oil drizzle.) 
  • BYO (“Build Your Own” with the vegan ingredients of your choosing.)

Vegan Dough

Blaze's two most popular crust doughs are vegan, providing plant-based eaters a solid foundation.

  • Classic Dough
  • High-Rise Dough

Vegan Sauces

You’ll be seeing red and red only, as the pesto and Alfredo sauces contain dairy.

  • Classic Red Sauce
  • Spicy Red Sauce

Vegan Toppings

The ultimate luxury offered by Blaze Pizza is choice, putting every customer in control of creating the vegan pizza of their dreams.

  • Daiya’s "Cutting Board Collection Shreds" vegan cheese
  • Spicy Vegan Chorizo 
  • Arugula (have it added last, as an “extra” finishing touch)
  • Artichokes
  • Banana Peppers
  • Basil
  • Black Olives
  • Cherry Tomatoes
  • Chopped Garlic
  • Green Bell Peppers
  • Jalapeños
  • Kalamata Olives
  • Mushrooms
  • Pineapple
  • Red Onions
  • Red Peppers
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Sautéed Onions
  • Spinach
  • Zucchini

Vegan Extras

Further personalize your pizza with a finishing touch of a sauce or glaze “drizzle” or a dash of blended spices.

  • Balsamic Glaze
  • BBQ Drizzle
  • Buffalo Sauce
  • Olive Oil Drizzle
  • Chimichurri Drizzle
  • Oregano
  • Sea Salt

Vegan Salads

Check with your local restaurant to see which salads are available as some menus list them and some don’t.

  • Tomato and Arugula (no cheese, or swap the cheese for Daiya vegan cheese)
  • Arugula & Fresh Fruit Salad (no cheese)
  • Roasted Veggie Salad (no gorgonzola)

Vegan Sides

You've got one side option at Blaze Pizza, but we're not complaining—it's cheesy bread with Daiya cheese.

Vegan Drinks

In addition to Coca-Cola classics, Blaze offers an eclectic selection of Agua Fresca flavors.

  • Barqs Root Beer
  • Coca-Cola
  • Diet Coke 
  • Coca-Cola Cherry
  • Coca-Cola Zero 
  • Sprite 
  • Lemonade
  • Black Cherry Blue Sky
  • Mango Blue Sky
  • Root Beer Blue Sky
  • Blackberry Basil Agua Fresca
  • Mango Agua Fresca
  • Pear Cucumber Agua Fresca
  • Pomegranate Limeade Agua Fresca
  • Strawberry Agua Fresca
  • Tangerine Passionfruit Agua Fresca
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the pesto at Blaze Pizza vegan?

    No, the pesto at Blaze Pizza is not vegan because it contains Parmesan cheese.

  • Are the Blaze Pizza cookies vegan?

    No, the chocolate chip cookies at Blaze contain milk and eggs.

  • What vegan cheese does Blaze use?

    Blaze Pizza has Daiya cheese available to customers who prefer dairy-free cheese.

  • Are the Blaze Pizza Dough Knots vegan?

    No, the Dough Knots contain milk and animal products according to Blaze's allergen information.