Vegan Guide to Dunkin': The Best Menu Options and Swaps

America's vegan customers run on Dunkin', too.

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Treehugger / Photo Illustration by Catherine Song / Dunkin'

In spite of competition from trendier coffee chains over the past several decades, Dunkin’ still sells around 1.8 billion cups of hot coffee every year, according to website. This is more than likely thanks to its 100% Arabica coffee beans, proprietary “Dunkin' Donuts Quality” (DDQ) specifications for milling and processing, and “double brewing” preparation.

Vegans can rely on Dunkin's coffee menu, which includes a variety of plant-based milks and dairy-free flavor shots. And while this massive coffee chain has yet to release any vegan donuts, there are still plenty of menu items that do not contain any animal products.

Here, so you can have an easier time ordering, we go through everything vegan at Dunkin'—including our favorite sandwich.

Top Pick: The Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Launched in late 2019, the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich could be made vegan when stripped of its egg and cheese. In less than two years, however, it is no longer visible on Dunkin’s website menu. Fortunately, this protein-packed, plant-based sandwich continues to be available at a few hundred Dunkin’ restaurants in California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Hawaii, Utah, Kansas, and Wyoming.

Treehugger Tip

If you can find the Beyond Sausage Breakfast Sandwich, upgrade it by swapping out the English muffin with a bagel and adding Dunkin's avocado spread or hash browns as a topper.

Vegan Food Menu

While there are many non-vegan breakfast staples, including egg and meat sandwiches, vegans still have their choice of carbs in the morning.

  • Bagels (the Cinnamon Raisin, Plain, Everything, and Sesame varieties are vegan.)
  • English Muffin
  • Hash Browns
  • Oatmeal (Available at select locations)
  • Avocado Toast

Vegan Coffee

Your to-go coffee order is most likely safe—Dunkin' supplies almond, oat, and coconut milk to please its dairy-free customers. Make sure to ask for one of these three when ordering the following:

  • Espresso
  • Hot/Iced Coffee
  • Hot/Iced Latte
  • Hot/Iced Macchiato
  • Hot/Iced Americano
  • Cold Brew
  • Mocha Flavor Swirl
  • Flavor Shots (including Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toasted Almond, Blueberry, Raspberry, and Coconut)

Vegan Tea

We haven't forgotten about our tea drinkers, and neither has Dunkin'. Again, make sure to order with almond, oat, or coconut milk if you prefer.

  • Hot/Iced Matcha Latte
  • Hot/Iced Chai Latte
  • Hot/Iced Tea (all varieties)

Vegan Specialty Drinks

Unfortunately, there are no vegan donuts at Dunkin'. However, you can still get your sweet tooth on by ordering one of these sweet, slurpable treats.

  • Dunkin' Energy Punch
  • Dunkin' Refreshers
  • Coolatta Frozen Beverages (Strawberry and Blue Raspberry are vegan.)
  • Dunkin' Coconut Refreshers
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does Dunkin' have vegan donuts?

    Unfortunately, none of Dunkin's donuts are vegan. We can only hope the chain will get to work on a plant-based recipe soon.

  • Are the Dunkin' refreshers vegan?

    Yes, your choices are Apple Cranberry, Peach Passion Fruit, and Strawberry Dragonfruit.

  • Is the avocado toast at Dunkin vegan?

    Yes. The toast consists of avocado, sea salt, black pepper, and lemon juice on top of vegan-friendly sourdough bread.