Vegan Foodie News: Impossible Nuggets, Alt-Mozza, Hershey’s Oat Chocolate Bars

We’ve got you covered with the latest developments in plant-based foods.

oat chocolate bar by Hershey's


What’s cooking in the world of plant-based products? As someone who actively keeps tabs on all things vegan, in particular the rise of alternative substitutes for those looking to reduce their consumption of meat or dairy, I think it’s an exciting time to be writing about this ever-changing industry. In an effort to keep up with all that’s coming or available, I am presenting a roundup of interesting new tidbits for anyone curious or hungry. Let’s dig in!

Hershey’s Launches First-Ever Vegan Chocolate Bars

oat bars


Just in time for the Halloween candy-binging season, Hershey’s has dropped a limited edition, oat-based chocolate bar. The non-GMO, Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa bars are available in two flavors: Classic Dark and Extra Creamy Almond & Sea Salt. While other retailers will reportedly carry these new vegan chocolate bars, Target is presently the only place people are having any luck grabbing them. This release is meant as a market test and (for now) will be available through June 2022. Considering the demand for plant-based chocolates (expected to reach $1.41 billion by 2028), I can’t imagine the candy giant rejoining the sidelines once the limited run concludes. 

Impossible Chicken Nuggets Roll Out Nationwide

Impossible nuggets

Impossible Foods

Announced earlier this year, Impossible Foods has officially launched its new line of plant-based chicken nuggets. Created using mostly soy protein and sunflower oil, the new vegan nuggets, according to the company, have no cholesterol, 40% less saturated fat, and 25% less sodium than their animal-based counterparts. 

The rollout will begin in restaurants this week, with chains like the LA-based Fatburger adding the nuggets to menus. Grocery stores, including Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, ShopRite, Giant Stores, and Gelsons, will carry them in the frozen food aisle later this month, with a total of 10,000 shops expected by year’s end.

What do they taste like? Initial impressions have been extremely positive, with one CNET review claiming they actually taste better than traditional nuggets. Another, from The Takeout, found them “believably chicken-y” and “juicy and tender, yet so grease-free.” If you’ve managed a taste test of your own, drop your thoughts in the comments below.

Trader Joe’s Expands Its Vegan Foods Offerings

VegNews has the scoop that the beloved Trader Joe’s grocery chain will launch ten new vegan products this fall. These include seasonal treats such as vegan pumpkin oat milk, pumpkin hummus, pumpkin cashew yogurt, pumpkin overnight oats, and sour gummy cats and bats for Halloween, as well as new oat-based products like vegan eggnog and chocolate bars. The new releases, which join dozens of plant-based products rolled out in store over the last several months, follow a commitment earlier this year by the chain to meet demand for vegan alternatives. 

A “Revolutionary” Vegan Mozzarella Looks to Grow

Brooklyn-based NUMU is getting closer to expanding further what it promises will be a “revolutionary” new plant-based mozzarella for pizza-makers. The company, which just announced a Series A funding round to assist with marketing, product development, and distribution, says its alt-mozz is GMO-free, cholesterol-free, and made with soybeans, potato starch, and coconut oil. Unlike other vegan attempts at mozzarella, they also claim their creation melts smoothly, has no aftertaste, and tastes similar to traditional mozzarella. 

Numu is presently available at 56 Whole Foods markets in its South Pacific region (southern Nevada, southern California, Arizona, Hawaii), as well as dozens of restaurants in NYC, New Jersey, and elsewhere

“We intend to make NUMU Vegan mozzarella as ubiquitous to pizza joints as soy (and almond and oat) milk is to coffee shops,” NUMU’s co-founder, Jill Carnegie, told VegansBaby. “Remember 15 years ago when it was such a special find to learn that you could get a latte at a café using soy milk? Now, it’s considered a given that coffee shops offer alternatives to dairy. Very soon, that expectation will be true for pizzerias.”

Tuna and Pork Plant-Based Alternatives Coming to Japan

Next Meats alternative meats

NEXT Meats

Next Meats Co., a Tokyo-based firm best known for its line of plant-based barbecue meats and egg alternatives, has announced two new additions to its products—“NEXT Tuna” and “NEXT Pork.” As pork is one of the most popular meats consumed in Japan, I suspect it’s likely that Next Meats will have a huge hit on its hands for those seeking a similar-tasting, plant-based alternative. The company, which has plans to soon expand its product sales to over nine countries, believes creating these alternative meats is an “important step towards a more sustainable future.” NEXT Tuna and NEXT Pork are expected to be available in Japan sometime in October.