Van Jones Speaks About His Resignation

Van Jones (left) poses at a book signing. promoting his book 'The Green Collar Economy.'. (Photo: Alexander Pfeiffenberger [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

Van Jones resigned from his position as the White House Special Advisor for Green Jobs over Labor Day weekend. Although his resignation came as a shock to many, supporters were still adamant that Jones would continue to make his mark on the nation’s green jobs movement. These supporters were reassured after Jones sent an email out on September 15. In his letter, Jones reaffirms his commitment to clean energy and green jobs and encouraged his supporters to stay the course.

“The main thing is this: please do everything you can to support both President Obama and the green jobs movement. Winning real change is ultimately the best response to these kinds of smear campaigns.” Source: Mother Nature Network

In his letter, Jones asks that we support the Obama administration’s health care, energy, and education efforts, support organizations that promote the green jobs movement, continue talking about green jobs, and discuss green jobs on blogs and social media sites.

Jones assures his supporters that he will speak up on his resignation, and the weeks that led up to it, but that he needs to get his business and family affairs in order first. Jones’ letter, published in its entirety on Karl Burkart’s MNN blog, also reiterates that he has “nothing but love and admiration for President Obama and the entire administration.”

Van Jones’ presence in the green jobs movement was strong before he joined the White House and will undoubtedly continue. His passion for green jobs as an important part of the solution to both the economic and environmental crises will continue to fuel the movement.