The Legend of Utah Bobcat Mr. Murderbritches

A video featuring a viral star from 2018 has resurfaced, and the legend of his name still resonates with fans of wildlife and felines on the internet.

A 4- to 6-month-old bobcat in Utah earned the nickname "Mr. Murderbritches" after he was caught eating chickens at a farm in Kanarraville.

He was safely captured by Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) officer Joshua Carver and released back into the wild.

Carver recorded a video as he released Mr. Murderbritches, and the video was eventually tweeted out on the Utah DWR Twitter account.

The internet fell in love with the feisty feline and his aggressive growls. He even fervently chews on a stick used to distract him while the gate to his cage is opened.

The video had nearly 1 million views across several social media platforms, and it became even more popular once his mischievous tale was told.

Mr. Murderbritches was caught on a November day. At that point, he hadn't killed any chickens. He was captured and released away from the property. However, he found his way back.

That was when Carver was called in because this time around, the bobcat had killed a chicken. Once he was captured again, Carver took him to a mountainous area farther west.

Carver got another call a few days later saying that Mr. Murderbritches had made his way into a dog kennel at a different property.

The bobcat was safely captured once again, and this time was released even farther away, near Indian Peaks. Carver made sure he had a meal to munch on this time before releasing him.

Mr. Murderbritches hasn't been seen since, but his legend continues. His video recently resurfaced again on social media with people wondering what ever happened to the persistent wild cat.

Maybe it's better that Mr. Murderbritches is flying under the radar these days.