Using Lemons as a Weed Killer

CC BY 2.0. Daniella Segura

Daniella Segura/CC BY 2.0

We’ve given you a few eco-tips lately involving lemons: one was that they whiten your laundry naturally and the other was a homemade solution to help your dry hands and feet. Now we’re going to tell you that you can use lemons to kill those pesky weeds that are currently growing between your bricks and are just a pain in the you-know-what. We actually tried it just to be sure it did the trick before we reported this eco-tip to you. Simply douse the weeds with lemon juice and they will likely shrivel within a day or two. We found that they rarely need a second treatment. Other alternatives also include vinegar or boiling water. Try all three for those resilient ones that just don’t want to stop growing.