USGBC Announces Green Building Education Winners

Green buildings are being recognized everywhere. (Photo: Sarah Le Clerc [CC BY-ND 2.0]/Flickr)

The U.S. Green Building Council, home of the LEED rating systems, has announced the winners of the 2009 Excellence in Green Building Curriculum Recognition Awards and Incentive Grants. Several schools across the country, from pre-K to universities, have received recognition for their green building education endeavors.

“Winning organizations and institutions include a pre-K and kindergarten curriculum using the school’s LEED Platinum certification to educate students on the value of a green building; a community college’s efforts to expand an existing construction technology program to include a focus on alternative and renewable energy sources; and a multi-year architecture school’s initiative to create a net-zero energy modular classroom prototype that architecture students will use as design studio space, creating a living laboratory.” Source: USGBC (PDF)

I love that 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds at Londonderry School in Harrisburg, Pa., are learning about green building. Their green job training is beginning at a young age. These children may be future green building innovators.

Wilbur Wright College in Chicago, Ill., was recognized for its energy education program. Students at the community college can earn a Building Energy Technologies Occupational Certificate. The program is composed of six courses: Energy Systems Fundamentals, Renewable Energy Systems, Building Systems Maintenance, Residential Energy Systems, Institutional Energy Systems, and Energy Equipment Troubleshooting.

Students seeking an advanced environmentally focused education may want to look at Philadelphia University in Pennsylvania. The school’s Master of Science in Sustainable Design Program was one of five university-level programs recognized by the USGBC.

“The Sustainable Design program, established in fall 2007, was one of the first graduate programs in the country to focus on educating professionals across a range of disciplines – including architecture, design, real estate and construction – to build environmentally friendly buildings and support sustainable business operations.” Source: Philadelphia University

I love that the USGBC’s recognition covers all aspects of education. Kindergarteners in Pennsylvania are learning about green building, residents of Chicago can earn an energy efficient building certificate with just a few classes, and design students have a Master’s degree option that focuses completely on sustainability.