33 US Generals & Admirals Say "Climate Change Is Threatening America's Security"

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The Pentagon has already made it well known that it considers climate change a grave national security threat, and recently the US military already pointed out that the world may face severe oil shortages as soon as 2015. But now, in what's being hailed as an "unprecedented" show of support for climate action, 33 retired US military generals and admirals have united to alert the public and our legislators that "climate change is making the world a more dangerous place." They should know -- they've seen its effects firsthand. Here's their full announcement:

Via Climate Progress:

Dear Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell,
Climate change is threatening America's security. The Pentagon and security leaders of both parties consider climate disruption to be a "threat multiplier" - it exacerbates existing problems by decreasing stability, increasing conflict, and incubating the socioeconomic conditions that foster terrorist recruitment. The State Department, the National Intelligence Council and the CIA all agree, and all are planning for future climate-based threats.
America's billion-dollar-a-day dependence on oil makes us vulnerable to unstable and unfriendly regimes. A substantial amount of that oil money ends up in the hands of terrorists. Consequently, our military is forced to operate in hostile territory, and our troops are attacked by terrorists funded by U. S. oil dollars, while rogue regimes profit off of our dependence. As long as the American public is beholden to global energy prices, we will be at the mercy of these rogue regimes. Taking control of our energy future means preventing future conflicts around the world and protecting Americas here at home.
It is time to secure America with clean energy. We can create millions of jobs in a clean energy economy while mitigating the effects of climate change across the globe. We call on Congress and the administration to enact strong, comprehensive climate and energy legislation to reduce carbon pollution and lead the world in clean energy technology.

Part of me wishes I could write "If you don't believe that climate change is a threat, you're un-American" with a straight face. But that's just the part of me that's so sick of hearing the mis- and disinformation so prevalent in the climate policy debate. So I'll stick to saying that from a national security perspective, these US military men are absolutely correct -- continued dependence on foreign oil is unstable, and we certainly can kick-start a clean energy revolution. The first US offshore wind farm to be approved yesterday is proof.
We just need good energy policy -- one that puts a price on carbon -- to get us moving in high gear. Kudos to these generals for taking a bold stand furthering that aim. I wonder if even Inhofe can call all 33 of them desperate attention seekers this time. I think not.

Here's the full release in its original form (pdf)