Wretched Excess Dept: In New York Condo, Cars Get Rm w/a Vu

Two years ago we called the condo at 200 Eleventh Avenue in New York The Worst Anti-Green Apartment Building of the year. Eric wrote:

There are a lot of extravagant ways to spend a million dollars, but here is one that is a slap in the face of the green movement in more than just one way. The En-Suite Sky Garage is a high-rise apartment building going up in Chelsea, New York. It is the only apartment building in the world which allows your gas guzzler to move in along with you. Each tenant is given a key-lock that will allow them to drive into an elevator big enough for a Cadillac SUV, ride up to their apartment floor, then park their vehicle right in their own 300 square foot garage situated within their apartment.

Our concerns didn't stop Nichole Kidman from buying the penthouse, or all of the other units selling out. The New York Times looked at the now completed building and describes the convenience:

“This is about as close to a suburban home that you can achieve in an urban area like New York, You walk out your door and three steps later you’re in your garage.”

An appraiser tells the Times that the parking space might be worth as much as $ 800,000, which doesn't surprise me at all; no need to walk around dingy parking garages or take elevators with common people here. The really surprising thing is that there are not more buildings like this; underground parking is really expensive to build in New York, and including circulation requires about 400 square feet per car. Thanks to the elevator, this option take up about half that. More in the New York Times

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Wretched Excess Dept: In New York Condo, Cars Get Rm w/a Vu
Just what we wanted: a "suburban home in New York."

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