What life will be like during the World's Fair of 2064

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Fifty years ago, Isaac Azimov toured the 1964 World's Fair and wrote his prediction of what the world would be like at the Worlds' Fair of 2014; it was awesomely prescient. Humorist Stanley Bing, who occupies the back page of Fortune Magazine, is no Isaac Asimov, but he attempts the same thing, looking at the Worlds' Fair of 2064. He might not be far off either.

Bing notes that there is no major world's fair this year in 2014; "This contentious world, while it has grown smaller and closer in some respects, is in no mood to hold a celebration for itself." He doesn't think it would be much of one in 2064 even if they wanted to:

First of all, there would be no national exhibits, because there will be very little interest in nationalism as such. The U.S. will still exist, we may assume, but any attempt to unite the Red exhibit with the Blue exhibit and then incorporate it with the Green exhibit will fail, and the notion of having three discordant displays costing three times the price of one will be rejected by what remains of the federal government. The impoverished, violent oligarchy that was once Russia will have dropped out as well, along with Europe, which won't be able to afford the airfare.

There would be a few great corporate states with big displays, filling the void:

Planet Amazon will be "a pleasant sight to see". It now owns all the retail everywhere, "indeed all the means by which people acquire the tools and supplies to feed, entertain and transport themselves."

Then there will be the Temple of Facebook, where we are all connected via cortical-cranial implants so that all of our hardware is now obsolete, it is in what is left of our brains.

On our way out of the fair, we will look up to see the circling swarm of drones. The Facebook drones will anticipate where each visitor will be and make sure everyone remains safe. secure and engaged with all of his friends and relatives. Those of Planet Amazon will be busy supplying the Fair with broiled turkey legs and cotton candy.

Sounds about right. Behind a paywall at Fortune

What life will be like during the World's Fair of 2064
Humorist Stanley Bing is no Isaac Asimov but gives it a try.

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